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Build premium homes starting from 3-5 thousand € per room. Learn about a new building method that can make this possible. This site provides information about how to build:

best in class premium, sustainable real estate at an affordable price. Architectural details, blueprints, membership, group discussions & answering questions for members

Not bound to a size, style, shape or form.

Rooms start at 3…5k each. The house doesn’t shine here. It really shines at maintenance and durability. Unfortunately there is no single trick or miracle material that I could describe in a line. There are many.

Repairs & upgrades. Compared to classical buildings: maintenance, minor and major upgrades could cost under 3%. No breaking walls and re painting needed to upgrade a section. Rooms can be added in under a week. Anything less than that shouldn’t take more time than half a day.

Built for grand-kids. Loves extreme climate. Engineered to love the extreme. Among the best choices for tornado alley, raising waters, earthquakes or constant blizzards.

Ancient Japanese techniques that last millennia fused with modern yacht building. The house is lightweight and extremely durable. Flexible on microscopic and structural level. It dries even while it’s raining.

Sustainability, zero energy house. Talk about the most energy efficient houses on the market. Save on the monthly bills. Big time. The choice of construction materials … and quantities needed should be easy on nature, and on our pockets as well.

Friction of the maintenance.
Plug & play components.
Repair damages within minutes.

Moving kitchen … bathroom.
The whole plumbing can be re-positioned within hours.

Affordable premium home.
A premium home … for less.
We should afford luxury.

Smart home cables.
Smart home cables can be added at any time. Takes minutes or hours.

Among the safest homes.
Live in one of the safest places.

Sustainable & zero energy.
Non of big fat monthly bills.

Banks & rates.
It pays itself in record time.

Durable materials.
Last 2-3 times more than classical homes.

How to save thousands with plumbing & cables?
Repairing a water leakage … adding a kitchen counter in the middle of the living room can be done with ease. None of vacuum cleaning required. An upgrade with tens of cables for a smart home, or changing the whole roof can be done under a few hours. Literally.

Building time.
Assembling on site could be managed within a 10-14 days’ time frame. The garden won’t be destroyed. None of concrete powder, mud, heavy equipment or noise involved in the process.

Asthma | mold.
The walls, the roof, even the floor is constantly drying. Water accumulation will be prevented. Can’t guarantee a sleepless night …. however humidity will be kept within a perfect range.

What about mortgages? Banks know an empty land, difficult terrains worth almost nothing. What about a premium house with a picture perfect view? After it is built …the value of purchased materials and the value of the land grows exponentially.

In our case that’s more true than ever. The houses are meant to go off road where none dare to follow. Be it raising waters, wetland, lakes, breathtakingly beautiful valleys with or mountain cliffs. It shines here the most.

Premium houses built at a fraction as a price. Re evaluated, then maybe rented it out. This gives a credit score that banks might love. The odds are they will give a greater deal than to anybody else. It’s a safe investment on their part. They have nothing to fear.

That’s why the rich get cheap money from the bank. They are no risk. Combined with inflation, and a 30 year fixed rate means basically banks and governments give you money for free. And even so. On their part it’s the safest investment. The entry price to start to play this game will be quite realistic. These houses can help you with that. We’ll discuss ideas like these.

The club is not about financial advice or investments at all. However you’re invited to discuss topics like: why banks throw money on some (for the second and third homes) with the smallest interest rates. While others are buried alive meanwhile.

Vacation rentals & rent?
There is always a place for the best. Especially in crises. Get ahead of the competition. Strive when competition goes bankrupt. You’re invited to discuss topics and engineering solutions, proposals that can achieve you an easy life. Less risk, stability. Premium living.

Will discuss the small house as a case study. As an example. We’ll dissect the blueprints in an easy to understand way. Even a 5th grader will get the main ideas. If that’s a concern.

With local engineers, crafts persons anybody will be able to apply the principles to a bigger home to achieve great results. Join the club and debate how to build premium, durable, sustainable, eco-friendly homes at a fraction of the price.

The methods, topics are related to family size houses, maybe duplexes within a garden. We wont discuss 3-4 story buildings and skyscrapers. Its not for a crowded metropolis.

Take a walk in the house. Move freely like within a 3d game. Open it on a desktop computer. Select the images below.

Free tips | examples.
Newest articles on LinkedIn.

Save fortunes.Trick & tips to use. (old website)

Check out the pinterest profile.

Home page.Back to home page

Money back guarantee.
You can read the money back guarantee guideline here.Note that you’re not buying a house, house plans or architectural or engineering services. You will need to consult with your local authorities engineers and proceed as usual.

Sure it sounds catchy: “save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars”. Is this a typical result? Just think about no further than a water leakage. Smashing the marble or granite. Re-painting the house. How much does a house cost after an incident?

What insurance company, banks say in numbers? What about the sleepless nights over family photos? What if the vacation rental idea goes crazy on a party night? How much repairs cost. How much skipping a season costs. What do banks say about it?

Skip most of the hustle? Calculate it. Change the red numbers to your local prices. What if you reduce  building time to weeks from a year ? And needs no experts but the end result is premium. Calculate it. This is not a promise on my part. Just common sense.

How much a house saves that needs none of specialized spoiled workers with certifications and expensive equipment and machinery on a scheduled time line? How much it cost in time and money to keep specialized expert workers on site?

How much can save skipping most of the traditional materials and layering. How much can save a house that’s built in weeks with a few people? A house that components are plug and play with the most durable materials? A house that can be healed on the spot.

A house that makes money to its owner? Is that fair? What is a typical result? You’ll get the tools. You can go with them as far as you choose to. You get the best ideas and tools. You’ll get an easy life.

We’ll speak about methods how to build off-road. Where none dare to follow. It would cost them fortunes. And for us? Sellers might give us the land for “pennies”. The reasoning is that they wont pay taxes after a land that none can use.

Discuss how to get cheap money that inflation cancels out. Basically how to get money for free. Discuss how the bank will estimate your house way more than you build it for. More true than ever. A premium home at a premium location. Is that typical?

It will happen to you? No. It won’t. Or it will. We’ll discuss the tools. Mostly easy to understand engineering methods that your local craftsman and engineers can follow. Let me show you how to build the SUV, a 4×4 of real estate that conquers wetland, steep valleys, cliffs and beautiful panoramas.

Picture perfect views   |  landscapes that would cost fortunes for others to build on. The possibility to buy land with gorgeous views at a symbolic price? Is that a typical situation for all? No it’s not.

These houses strive off road. Places we dreamt of. It will cost  way-way less than traditional houses. They are not in the same league. Remember it’s engineered  to love extreme weather and climate. Premium durable materials that can be maintained easily and cheap. You can build it here easily.

Check out land prices and savings in your area. Modify the red text. Not promising anything regarded to money saving. No typical result. Just make a quick calculation how much money you could save buying the picture perfect view in your area on a land nobody wants. Fill in your own numbers. I can bet the difference could buy quite a few solar panels.

This club is for the early implementer. If you’re not like that it’s not for you. It’s not for victim mindset persons. Please close the website now. It’s not for you and you’re not for us.

We promise nothing here, just rock solid engineering and architectural ideas that endure the worst of the worst conditions for an affordable price. What you do with the tools, mastermind group that’s your responsibility. We have and promiss absolutely no typical result. Especially when we talk about houses.

Like a gym membership.You can blink on it all day and eat ice cream. You actually have to implement the ideas. If you’re a member that doesn’t mean your monthly bills will vanish at your current home. None of bank CEOs will knock on your door to give you free money and best architects and engineers and craftsmen to build your perfect home.

If banks are not even considering you. With this houses the odds are they will do. And it will be a good deal for them and a good deal for you as well. You wont be at risk. They wont be at risk. You’ll might end up playing the rich mans game. Even with small money.

Nothing about these houses, or being part of a club is typical. Come join us. And see how far you can push the benefits. Join the club then decide. Discuss ideas, ask questions, come up with upgrades and request solutions. Have an easy life.

Check out the lower part of the page. Click on the “old articles” or on my “linkedin” account. You’ll see my oldest articles: written a few years back about how to save fortunes with a premium, sustainable houses.

What you need to access the product? The information presented is within Microsoft formats. Especially Microsoft one note or Microsoft excel. You can choose to view them online or you can open them on a desktop, laptop computer as well. For best readability install Microsoft one note on a computer. As a bonus join for free a LinkedIn group to discuss it even further. After the purchase please wait at most 36 hours to get the email with the instructions provided.

As at any other platform the rules are similar. Bad boy behavior won’t be tolerated and it will terminate your account. Sharing your account login details will terminate your club membership as well. Please be nice and tolerant. None of us needs irony or trolling.

You further acknowledge and agree that you have read, and you will read periodically the terms and conditions, privacy policy page. It changes overtime.

Language. The website, product, forum is in English. However if that’s not your first language, and some parts are more difficult to understand than Microsoft one note can traduce it for you. LinkedIn forum can be traduced with google chrome browser. If you made it so far with a non-English interface: than probably you’ll understand it quite well.

How much does the picture perfect view cost? Not having neighbors? Getting the best deal from banks or needing none of them? Being careless? Living in a premium, durable house? Basically an easy life? What is it worth? Buy the 1 year membership in the club to discuss sustainable ideas and smart engineering.  Note: you’re not buying architectural plans or engineering services or ready to build plans. Note you will still need your local certified craftsmen, engineers, constructors to make decisions and guide you further. And one point you actually need to build a house. The Purchase Will Be Reflected as “ClickBank or “CLKBANK*COM“. This is a one time payment.

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Click here to get Maverick Mansions | com at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Maverick Mansions | com is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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